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"Books are a uniquely portable magic"

Wondrous Visions books and songs will empower children with the knowledge to love who they are. The books give children the tools to feel confident in their social environment. Inspire your child and order your copy today!

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Hey, I'm Hadiyah Schwartzmnan

Hadiyah Schwartzman is an indie author, singer, and song writer. She is the author of the Williams Family Series. She loves weaving together wisdom gathered from her life journey within her creative gift. Hadiyah hopes to encourage all children to develop the emotional intelligence and social skills needed to foster unity both within themselves and the world.

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I Am Assertive

All her life, people have known Maria to be the sure girl. Only one day, this habit gets her into big trouble—and she learns that being a sure girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


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I am a Skater Girl

Delilah is ready to conquer the skate park. But how can she chase her dreams if she falls and doesn’t know how to get back up?

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I am Hunting for Happiness

On a cold, gloomy day, little Delilah was feeling sad. She looks out the window and stares at the snow, only finding boredom and bleakness in sight. But soon, she is struck by a brilliant idea. How about going? Hunting for happiness?

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I am not responsible

How bad could it be if we all took a few days off and stopped being responsible? I Am Not Responsible explores the direct relationship between responsibility and consequences. This book makes learning about responsibility funny and relatable.

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